The summer storm in the wood

It was a perfect day to be in the woods, furiously hot outside, but cool under the canopy of oak. Organised by Sam Kenwood (East Suffolk Communities officer for Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and surrounding villages) working with Eric from the Apollo centre, this was just one of Halesworths Wednesday Adventures. We welcomed 22 local Halesworth children to the wood – all for the first time.

Led by Eloise, we had a mission: to build a boat. Suddenly a storm arrived from the east necessitating us to abandon the boat and swim to the island. Here we found various useful things washed up, like string, Y sticks, and tarps, enabling us to build our own shelters, plant seeds for a future apple tree, provide cushions for lounging on, write messages in a bottle. Later our shelters were tested for water proofing, when the 2.30 storm arrived.  Most proved to be secure, although Eloise found herself a bit drenched.

With luck also washed up was some dried grass, old mans beard/Travellers joy and a fire flint, so we could make fire to dry us off. We had music, including a ships bugle, provided by Thalia and Del, who also bought treasure, old coins, (some so old they were part of our pasts, like a threepenny bit). We ate fruit (fighting off a few wasps also interested), drank lots of water. Finally at the end, the bikes came out, as we dismantled our shelters and bought the camp back to earth.

Thanks to Nikki, Leslie, Lotti, Kally, Eloise, Theo and Rachel the day unfolded, twisting and turning. Lets do it again.

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