Fungi foray with Neil Mahler

Conditions were perfect. After the great dry spell we’d had a little rain, enough to persuade the fruiting bodies of fungi to blossom, and Neil to arrive on a Wednesday and stay all day, walking us slowly around Kaliwood then down to the Pits.

We found a very unusual fungi, observed with the following: is this a childs rubber? No it’s a Flame Sheild – Plutus.

Flame Sheild

We saw the bootstraps of honey fungus. I learned about the fungus that grows on last years hawthorn berries, and how Fly Ageric likes to live off the roots of birch. We found a giant puff ball in a near by field

2 thoughts on “Fungi foray with Neil Mahler”

  1. Wonderful pictures Rachel, and it was a great day for discovery! The giant puffball was the edible one, it cut cleanly so I made a mushroom risotto that night and it was most delicious. We have turkey tails galore on wooden stumps at ours. Must go and search for others after today’s rain!


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