Elders Wellbeing 8 : Nov 3rd – sewing in silence

We were welcomed at the Pear Tree once again, as rain slanted down outside. Accommodating the eye testing, cooking for one, and ear testing, we enjoyed a mediating 15 minutes of silence, while we sowed stain glass muslins (leaves in muslin) thanks to Leslie who inspired us with the idea. One had never sown before. Some painted greeting cards using our natural inks, or rather they ticked the paper with a feather.

Kally’s tomato soup was a great success – her recipe is below

Kally’s tomato soup

I invented the recipe for the tomato soup we ate today

Fresh garlic I fried in butter (or coconut oil to keep it vegan ) first , I’d estimate half a glove of garlic per person 

Then I poured in equal tin quantities of chopped tomatoes and cartons of passata (I think this is pureed strained tomatoes?) depending on how many people we had  eating – I figured half a tin/carton per person 

I then added half a tube of tomato purée into our soup for 20 people 

Mix stock cubes with boiling water to melt them ( I used approximately Half a stock cube per 4 people eating the soup, so we made enough soup for 20 people served in coffee cups and I used 2 kallo vegan stock cubes ) and added the mix to the soup 

Simmer soup till the mix turned from red to orange 
Then I added a handful of fresh basil 🌿chopped up , simmered a little further 

Then I add a tin of coconut milk (bare in mind ours was for 20 people so maybe less if you are making it for a few people , or the whole thing if you want it alllll creamy ) 

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