Elders wellbeing 10 : wet but music

On this wet day with the waves of the wind, the Elders walked down the paths of kaliwood hearing gentle live music through the trees…. 🌳🎶

Today was a day for sitting around the fire 🔥 We ate potato, celery, onion and garlic soup and shared songs that lift our mood like Tom Lehrer’s We Will All Go Together When We Go, Madness’s Misery, Bob Marley’s 3 little birds, A new morning by Bob Dylan and an evening song of Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love, Ivor Cutler’s Stick Out Your Chest, Paolo Nutini’s New shoes, Liza Minelli Caberet, Bowie’s fall dog bombs the moon and Cake walk into town by Taj Mahal

As we crafted we noticed the warm colours of hip n haw and a new blue tarp, more spurtles were whittled and we rounded off the day singing on the road to Amarillo

We left saying we felt better, good, think, yes, jolly, yummy, warm inside, revitalised, big fire, wonderful, music, fantastic and happy.

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