Elders wellbeing 11 – Nov pottery, wreaths, songs

A natural sense of Community, said one.

Our opening circle was dynamic, our movements echoed back by all, from a Japanese Butoh, opening of a flower and smoke head wiggle, to heaven and earth, to a goose side view, to jazz hands, eyebrow massage – it was a great start to the day

Roy bought in the finished but for the pole, the pole lathe. All we need now is the long bendy hazel.

Gabrielle introduced Roy to the potters wheel – I’ve always wanted to throw a pot, said Roy, and that’s what he did.

Virginia taught us how to bend willow to form the centre of the wreath, and in it we wove ivy and it’s sci fi atom like umbels (the flowers, and critical late pollen for insects).

After gathering hips and haws from the field, we finished our hedgerow vodka – well its making. Next week labels.

Songs were sung, Uks played. We all signed a card for Naomi, designed by Pippa, and written in oak gall link.

Pete and Berty kept our fire burning by bring up wood.

We closed the circle with a ceremonial planting of a 3 year old oak sapling bought in by Peter. It’s root as long if not longer than its top – so much going on beneath the surface.

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