Elder Wellbeing 12 – hazel and French dancing circles

As the leaves began to withdraw their colour, the sap sink into the earth, we created some communal Landart of a golden hazel leaf spiral, their colour was a delight.

We wove wreaths, whittled our spurtles some more, drew hip-haw labels, ate parsnip soup, threw pots, listened to a lovely low whistle, played uke, started learning some song and dance moves from France, moving slowly around the fire.

Roy carved and gifted a Spurtle to Diana.

At the end circle Virginia told us of the how the recent finding of treasure in the earth of Egypt, reminded her of year as she thought of those who had walked through these woods before us.

Gabrielle taught us the song she sung in Aldeburgh, for the Wonderful Beast 25 year celebration. ‘The trees grow tall in the heart of the forest’

Here she is in Aldeburgh, (front row, middle) and the words to the song we learned.

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