Elder Wellbeing 13 – spoon carving with Jason Parr

Jason Parr came with his pre-cut spoons, axe cut, silver birch, to teach us spoon carving. He came with a collection of spoons he’d made earlier to inspire us: A back of an old chair, large spoon from a Selfish Sycamore, a sexy box spoon, and a brown oak spoon. So it was, on this freezing cold December day, we sat around a warm fire, and learned from Jason the art of spoon carving. How to hold the knife, sometimes holding firm the knife and moving the spoon. Patience and meditation were the skills we also discovered, along with the gentle art of conversation.

In our circle, anticipating our spoon carving, we asked all what they would like to make in their dreams:
A dolls house, wiht all the individual parts inside (I’m making one, said Jason)
A boat – but a spoon will do.
Yes, a Viking boat
A tree house of 3 layers, top to sleep, middle to live, and bottom to store. But a spoon will do.

Jason advises next to use sandpaper, 80 then 120, them 240. The knives he uses are called Mora 64

Not all of us could make spoons, so some made raindeer.

Finally we all got up to move around , keep warm, and SING. ‘This is the only electric spoon I’ve ever known;, observed Andrew of Jo’s dynamic microphone technique.

A Before and After

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