Elders 14 – End of term party

What a glorious gathering. Undeterred by Jack Frost, our robust Elders tribe rocked up to the wood, with the Kitchen Band playing funky music in the cabin (to keep their fingers warm).

We had the most magical and gratitude giving circle at the beginning and we all took each other home at the end circle. A short mime of some of the moments in the term revealed we had forgotten much, thank goodness for collective memory.

In between we ate delicious parsnip soup, danced, a variation on a French XX,

We walked to the ice tree.

We sang, including the woodland 12 days of Christmas. And ate delicious porridge, stired with our very own Spurtles.

The Kinda Team!

I enjoyed the home made soup

Planting Acorns

Stainglass windows sewing leaves in muslin with stones in to hang it up

Circle – everyone has a chance to talk and share


Tai chi all of it been a good year

Using the potters wheel

Making my spurtle

The joy of discovery of Kaliwoods for A, it is the highlight of his week, Thankyou very much

Enjoyed meeting all these aging hippys

Making Spurtles and planting trees

Everything Circle, making new friends

Incredible view, Spiritual experience

Nice to see so many people coming out stoically all term, braving it out, looking forward to the new year

In the Pear tree Centre, sharing all we knew about Oak, the French for oak tree is chêne

I agree I do like dancing, not good at it, to see all these folk in this setting

Enjoyed everything, unexpected on my life plan, Roy made me this spurtle, its so nice I want to put it in my trophy cabinet with the dog trophies, it’s a really nice piece of wood

I was a late comer to this group, thanks to Kevin I came, I love trees, people, soup, fire, all the things we do, I’m loving it.

I’ve missed quite a few, even If I don’t feel like it I feel better to be here. I like to remember the delight of having Jen Berry in the circle always smiling. Its been a blessing to be here, the draw horse, its my favourite thing probably because I like horses.

A wonderful opurtunity being part of this tribe, the fun laughter outside messing about with our bigger selves/ children, being in touch with nature sense of belonging, like family, laughing so much

Loved the variety of things we do, wouldn’t think of doing in my garden, such a laugh, wonderful

This is a party in the woods, children automatically play, we don’t often find ourselves in a playful place, everything is outdoors here.  For the party and the play thankyou

l’ve been less frequent this term. A high light was getting Jen Berry here, she enjoyed it, second highlight is our funding success this term and next term really happy about that. Third I enjoyed the silence at the pear tree centre during the hearing tests. Four the world is shut out whilst you are in Kaliwood world. Enjoying friendship, also making new ones, connecting in a way that makes you feel they’ve been here forever.

The Kinda team sprung a surprise on me, says Rachel. they hatched a plan with Jason Parr, who took some Ash from the wood, and made this giant spoon. It replaces the one broken by the kids. It is a joy.

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