Elders 2 – March – Hearing

Making our base at the new camp, we began with a delicious soup made with lime, ginger and sweet potatoe, and by Kally.

The wind blew the parachute, so it felt like a sail. We welcomed two new people, whose eyes saw the wood for the first time, reminding us to look again.

In our circle we fell into a silence, closed our eyes to heighten our hearing. Here’s what we described we heard to our neighbour:
A laughing woodpecker / flapping of the parachute in the wind, a small wren / crackling of the fire / fiz of the fire / a rooster / the wood wind chimes of the Kinda Values / Brows paws on the leaves fetching the stick / the wind sounding like the sea

We walked to the cabin, stood over looking the Blyth, remembering how we stretched our eyes last week, and there, led by Jo, dived into Chakra chanting, along with some movement: moving arms like a winged bird.

Pippa spoke to us, about how hearing was the best of all the senses: like the Greeks understood it was the largest door. In Shakespears time people said, I am going to hear a play, while today we say see a play. Speak so I can see you.

Here she is

Over tea and peanut butter on oat biscuits – a new venture – we drew the extraordinary architecture of each others ears

We ended with music, and conducting adding sound to the wind.

Here’s what I found out afterwards about the sound made by wind

Called eolian sound or aeolian tones, the sound is produced when the wind blows over objects and causes friction. This friction produces sound waves, which travel through the air and can make a range of sounds. For example, wind encountering moving objects, such as leaves, can produce irregular sounds

1 thought on “Elders 2 – March – Hearing”

  1. How could I have missed this week.
    I so love the sound of the wind when safely indoors.
    I love being outside hearing the waves crashing by the sea.
    I love being in the woods and hearing the leaves blow and rustle.
    So interesting to hear Pippa.


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