Elders well-being 5 – Touch

We were touched. 20 people and 4 dogs, came to the woods. Friends and strangers joined us: Tomas from East Germany, and John from Essex joined our circle, talking about what touch was to us, and if and how it mixed with other senses.

I cannot abide even the thought of touching a pumice stone. My father would not dance with a woman wearing velvet as he disliked the feel of it.
I’d let Kira Knightly touch me. Otherwise I feel indifferent to touch.
Our English society does not embrace touching, but as I’ve got older, I’ve become more huggy
I love stroking a dog, or failing that walking bare foot on a sheepskin rug
Cat stroking, – both dog and cat more than human!
Since Covid, we’ve been holding back and are not certain now what to do.
My teenage years in North America in the 1970’s was full of hugging and touching, so I was shocked coming to the UK and finding such distance. Berti sometimes remembers to rub my feet. But the cat, the cat sleeps around me.
Young men can now hug each other
Touched also by music, and sounds, cuts through better than an hours of conversation
Hugs wake up our immune system – if held for more than 20 seconds
I’ve become more touching as I’ve grown older
I used to be indifferent, but when I’m in Italy I notice I change and become more tactile like an Italian
I don’t like people touching me, never have, I shy away from people coming up to me too fast!
It’s important as a nurse, I take someones hand, no need for words.
My dogs silky coat, is irresistible down Halesworth High Street

We walked to the cabin, feeling bark of Oak and Ash and Hornbeam on the way. Jo walking in bare feet to feel the sensation of the earth through the millions of nerve endings in our soles.

Jo tapped us around our own bodies, tapping and nurturing, and giving self love to our arms, legs, kidneys, lungs, head, neck, top of head, inside of leg. Giving gratitude thank you for bringing hour body here today, Jo reminded us.

We returned for a spot of blind touching. Objects in bird boxes and under wraps of cloth
– A banana skin
Amonite candle
Aloe vera
Velvet materials
Swan bones
Hot water bottle
Boiled egg

The highlight was the Aloe Vera a slug with dinosaur teeth, someone described it. The boiled egg foxed a few.
Over heard was a few of the following exclaimations: Oh no! / Heavy, unusual, not cold enough/ Oh God! / I’m not sure / I’m going in!

Did i forget the delicious celery soup? Made by Jo, the best yet.

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