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Elders wellbeing – 6 Culmination gong

To celebrate the end of our journey into senses, we asked Tracy to come and indulge us into a gong bath, here in the wood.

First (after lentil soup and calling the directions) we attempted to remember our journey so far: from Seeing, through hearing, smelling and touching. Chris recalled the great humus in the tasting, and where once he thought he did not like, he now makes it to Jills recipe. Touching the hornbeam. Pippa’s talk on the importance of hearing. Picking primroses and eating them. Feeling lambswool. Reading the blog. Seeing Peters radiating smile when we were playing instruments. Seeing Jill and Armoral blindfolded with the Covid facemasks.

Jo took us up and down our bodies, tapping, reminding us to ‘love our pancreas, and other parts that we generally ignore. It was a delight to be reminded.

There was a cold east wind, but we were protected in the woods, so took our place around the fire, laying down or sitting blanketed up on our chairs. So Tracy began her introduction and with our eyes closed we submerged into the sound of the sun and earth gongs and crystal bowls. Even the roosters kept quiet for a while.

Here’s our experience:

I think i fell asleep for a while (me too)
Relaxing, interesting a bit weird
I felt colours appear from behind me, then I felt I was levitating and had to open my eyes to make sure I was grounded.
A gentle sound
It felt like angels singing
Perfect end to our exploration of senses
Image of the Top Rank icon
Waves of love
Felt vibrations inside my whole vascular system
Waves going through me.

After tea and cake we left, so much calmer than we had arrived. Thanks to Tracie for introducing many of us to the sound and feeling of gong

Doing a risk assessment on a reclining chair

Jo tapping

Tracy introducing us to the gongs.

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