May 18, week 9 Hazel again

There was still much to explore with Hazel so we did it again.

After delicious soup made by Leslie, we sat down to our test – what did someone else say about Hazel last week? All answers here! Not bad memories either. We had 2 strangers with us who became our friends. Katie, Bertie’s daughter, staying for a short while all the way from Sheffield, and Martin who was a spy (not) from another woodland called Wrongs Covert, a beautiful woodland Rachel has been trying to get to see for the past 5 years.

There were 3 options: to make tools, build a scarecrow using the fabulous head made by Chris or add to our Hazel art board. The latter was left in favour of the tool making which was very productive.

Peter made some flower hands out of hazel which were subsequently put on our scarecrow. Peter could not stop whittling, and whitttled away. Rose-Ann made a smooth and beautiful dibble.

Chris – who’d bought the handsome head – whittled a knife out of an usually shapped piece of hazel. He’d bought with him both a mallet and a dibble that he’d made at home. Amazing.

Bertie and Katie worked with Rachel on a somewhat ambitious tall scarecrow, using the now grown out of clothes from Chris, his head, and hazel of course.

Finally we walked to the field and knocked the tall scarecrow in place.

Kally and Leslie cooked some banana drop scones for us to have as a base for our hazelnut spread.

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