Alternative Provision

Kinda Forest School offers alternative provision for children aged 5-16 years, who are in need of some time out of the formal education system and who would benefit by being within our beautiful, inspiring Kali Wood, Holton.

Forest School is for all, and our various sessions help children who are facing challenges to find a space where they can think, relax, build, create and lead themselves in a supported and safe space.

Community and kindness is at the centre of our facilitation. Within a woodland setting we gently invite children to become part of a community where they feel supported and heard. The child-led nature of Forest School inspires curiosity and from curiosity comes the inspiration to learn and connect to others and the world around us. The learning possibilities are endless within a woodland setting and as we watch children develop their skills and connections, alongside that development comes greater self worth and wellbeing. Discovering that you are valued within a diverse community supports holistic development and meets many needs that mainstream settings struggle to meet.

We are based in Kaliwood, a private five acres of woodland in Holton, close to Halesworth, Suffolk. We have a covered central fire where we gather to cook, eat, share stories, ideas and plans together. Our tool area is where plans come to life with the safe and supported use of tools for carving, whittling, sawing, building and joining. The mud kitchen is often where fine delicacies get served up and the bath bomb (named by a young tribe member!) holds a dry cosy space for games and crafting.

By nurturing a sense of belonging through a culture of kindness and care, youngsters gain confidence to look beyond themselves, to the woods, for inspiration to learn. They gain momentum to self-initiate projects that interest them.

Campfire cooking, gardening, woodland conservation, woodwork, art and writing are a few examples, all of which have personal social, emotional, practical and educational benefits. Our Forest garden gets busy during Spring and Summer, where we grow onions, garlic, herbs, beans and salads for our community lunches and we are always looking for budding growers to help with our growing and our sustainable management of the woods.

We have two compost toilets – Clive and Clarissa. One is reachable via steps and has a great view through the trees; the other is on ground floor with easier access. We learn about the cycle of our waste and gift back to the Earth.

Kinda Forest School was awarded the Suffolk County Council Quality Assurance Award. This award means we can safely and confidently offer and are listed on Suffolk directory for Alternative Provision. We are Ofsted registered.  

Our adult tribe at Kinda are Forest School trained and come from a wonderfully diverse background of Formal Teaching, Earth Education, FE tutoring, University Lecturing, Behaviour Specialist Support, Play Specialists, the Arts, Music, Languages and more. We have over 60 years of Forest School facilitation practice and between us we have a wealth of training in challenging behaviour in the outdoors, understanding Autism, epilepsy training, understanding children and young people’s mental health, understanding anxiety, communication and adult mental health.

Most importantly the Kinda adult tribe work from a pedagogy based around kindness and community, and have many decades of experience in using a child-centred and child-led approach to learning, experiencing and being. 

We would love to welcome your child, or someone you support to the woods, to support and nurture their confidence and emotional resilience, whilst creating connections to nature, other, and themselves.

We offer small group alternative provision and will be happy to discuss unique needs and situations.

Referral bookings for our Alternative Provision offer are priced at £72 per 5 hour day, this includes breakfast, drinks and campfire lunch. If a 1-2-1 Kinda Facilitator is required, this cost is £190 per day.

Please get in via email or phone 07776117671

The Kinda Team