Bath-bomb to Igloo

A short history of our bath-bomb to Igloo

The old wedding dome was donated to us by Graham, who was clearing out all that was not necessary in his life before he left it. He came to lunch at the cabin, the cabin he built with Paul, as a last lunch, and gave it then. Here is a photo of him, Paul, Adel and Jo, underneath it’s scaffold December 2019. He died a few months later.

Eventually I opened the canvas awning, treated it, and we put it over the form. It was christened ‘Bathbomb’ by one the Monday tribe, relayed by Shona, who saw it’s fitting quality. It was used by children and Elders alike, as a crafting space out of the wind.

But the mud grew worse. Mikey came and laid a perfect cylindrical base using pallets as the base scrumped from around Halesworth.

But the canvas leaked, rain came in. Mell had the brainwave to replace with a white tarp. So it became the Igloo in February 2022. On a training day we made a bender opener.

The igloo sometimes gets called the snow globe and on many occasions Shona and Mell have sang Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” to each other when referring to it.

Now the Elders are potting up spider plants and Shona is encouraging the makings of living moss balls with flower bulbs inside them to hang and grow in the greenhouse energy of the Igloo. Virginia and Mary from the Elders are investing energy in making macrame pot holders too. Perhaps it will become a green palace of growing before long!