Into our Chariot is all that we explore at Kinda Forest School. Chariot is a carriage, a transporter, an enabler, it moves from one place to the next, often on wheels, sometimes with horses. The word chariot comes from the Latin term carrus. In Tarot, the Chariot tarot urges you to take action. When you take control of your life, you are very likely to see rewards. Confidence, courage and drive will lead to success. … The Chariot asks us to take our lives back into our own hands again, and steer with determination. Here are our chariots

2021 Weaving Tapestries and Stories in the Wood –  We got some local Suffolk funding for this 8 week prototype working with Elders in the woods around the theme of weaving. It also involved children from our Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Tribes so it was inter-generational. Enormously successful and linked us in with the Pear Tree, as well as providing the foundation for a further 20 week project.

2020 Family Support Sessions – working with Restitute

2019-20 Kinda Bike Project – renovating bikes in the wood, led by the bike magician, Lewin

2018-9 Working with the John Muir Award, implementing our central work around Permaculture

2019 – Kaliwood Solar System – Ever wish you could visit other planets in our solar system without launching on a deep-space mission? Here in the woodland we’ve done just that. Space was our 2019 to 2020 project, and culminated in a sol e lumier show, that never quite happened, due to Lockdown, but hopefully will one day. It linked in with the 50th anniversary of the men landing on the moon.

2018 – ISW (International Space Wagon) Solar Powered Space Disco. Renovating the once abandoned trike into the international space wagon Tiny Trike Tours

2018 – Archeology and Evidence – finding and recording what we dug up in the wood. Led by Eagle Eyes Lewin

2019 – Woodwose theatre came to the woods

Climate Change