Compassionate Communities – Time in our Life – Cooking

Samhain to Samhain – What we’re cooking up through the year

October 2021 SAMHAIN with Philip Carr Gomm in Kali woods – Honouring our ancestors – Remembering people we have lost (all souls – animals too) The beginning and the ending. Held in Kaliwoods, Holton

December 2021 WINTER SOLSTICE – continues our conversation where we remember those we have lost while we prepare for the shortest day, along with the certainty of days lengthening, the turning of the wheel. Held in Kaliwoods, Holton

February 13th 2022 SPRING/IMBOLC at the Pear Tree – marking the beginning of spring, the beginning of conversations. Held at The Pear Tree

March 20th 2022 EQUINOX – marking the equal length of night and day, with music, choosing our Desert Island Discs. Held in Kaliwoods

April 30th 2022 BELTANE May day festival, return of fertility to the land. Held in the Kaliwoods

May 28th 2022 SOCRATIC CONVERSATION Why do we find death and dying difficult to talk about? A Socratic dialogue and a fascinating way of unpicking difficult questions. Held in the Pear Tree

June 19th 2022 (Sunday) SOLSTICE in WOODS – the longest day, and shortest night. Held in Kaliwoods

July 23rd 2022 (Saturday) – Quirky Questions. At the Pear Tree.

August 28 2022 (Sunday) Cluedo in the Woods – In Kaliwoods
A creative dramatic enactment of a funeral of an unknown person.

September 25th 2022 (Sunday) EQUINOX at the Pear Tree with photo booth

October 30th 2022 (Sunday) SAMHAIN – the rounding of the year, honouring our ancestors, we hope with Phillip Carr Gomm once again. In Kaliwoods

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