Compassionate Communities – Time in our life – resources

Here are some useful resources that have arisen during our sessions.

Further information here is the background to the organisation who inspire and lead us – Compassionate Communities

Canine Care Card and how to care for your dog. An organisation who arranges interim and permanent care for your dog after you have gone.

Little Volcanoes – conversations with patients and staff at Pilgrims Hospice, Margate, 2013

Life’s Questions – Speaking to young people openly and honestly about topics such as dying, death and bereavement is at the forefront of a Hospice initiative 2017.

Peter Blocks Six Conversations – In this series, Peter Block offers more context and nuance in his approach to shifting the community narrative. The essence is to invite people to connect using the Six Conversations from his book  Community: The Structure of Belonging. The series is also more interesting than a talking head.

My last lychee season (March 2022) – an honest, unsentimental account of this realisation. Film director and author Shirley Barrett, accounts for her diagnosed last year.

The Little Book of Life and Death by Douglas Harding – Rachel writes: ‘I found by chance on the internet while searching for something else. It has been an extraordinary read, not only calling on my old Indian friends, such as Nisargadatta, Ramana, and the Buddha, but also talking with such clarity offering a way for seeing our true nature, questioning the I that dies. Not only that connection, but he was born and lived and died near by, Lowestoft: Douglas Edison Harding was an English philosophical writer, mystic, spiritual teacher and author of a number of books, including On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious, which describes simple techniques he invented for readers to experience the non-duality of consciousness. Born Lowestoft 1909 died Nacton 2007.’

Way to go – down the drain! Carbon neutral burial.

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