Fani Skamagki – facilitator

Since my early years I would find enjoyment playing with the mud next to a beautiful
diverse green lake among adventurous friends. When I became an adult, life and choices led me to do the same. After studying how to transform the clay into a ceramic body, the connection with nature that was lying lovingly inside me started to emerge and take form and shape in my Ceramic Art work.

Motherhood opened the channel of love inside me, and following the path of observing and connecting with mother nature, inspired me to become a Forest School Facilitator.
Observation is one of the main principles in Permaculture which allows us to identify the patterns and the rhythms of nature, that we can follow and find harmony in our personal and collective lives.

For many years I was motivating children, adults and people with special abilities to create through play in a ceramic workshop. Now I am intrigued to continue to inspire creativity, and explore nature as a catalyst for sparking community imagination around belonging, trust and social resilience.

(Joined September 2022)