Samhain to Samhain year

October 31st 2021

Samhain gathering is the first of others throughout the year, organised by both Pear Tree and Kinda Education.

Pear Tree supports cradle to grave, local community well being, the edges of well being that are often not addressed by the main stream systems, including death and dying. Kinda Education promotes kindness through nature connection also cradle to grave, specialising in children with Kinda Forest school.

This project embraces death and dying, aptly starting at Samhain, the time to reflection on our ancestors. It embraces a reflection of our own life path, celebrating connection with nature, the natural cycles and systems in the Wood Wild Web, or inside where the Pear Tree grows.

We will have one public session every two months, and in between low key meetings called workshops

October 2020 Sahmain – the dieing of the light, fire, beginning of the circle. Loss and freedom. Opening the conversation

November – Workshop@The Pear Tree

December 2020 Winter Solstice – the darkest time, reflect on where I have come from. My Desert Island Discs

January – Workshop
February – Workshop

March 2021 Imbulk – Spring, planting a seed, well being, intentions, what are we seeding, walking out to

April – Workshop
May – Workshop

June 2021 Summer Solstice – The circling of the project, reflecting on its value, celebrating

July – Workshop
August – Workshop
September – Workshop

October 21 – Samhain – Celebration of ancestors with Compassionate Communities