Samhain – Sharing Food

October 31st 2021

Sharing food with our ancestors is a long and world wide tradition. They are the people who, because of them, we are who we are, either by genetics or influence, they have been a part of informing us.

Sharing food with them brings them into our every day life, like the food that sustains us, they once sustained us.

Sometimes we have sweet memories of our friends, ancestors, pets. Sometimes we have undigested emotions with our ancestors, and opening and sharing of food with them sometimes helps with this digestion.

On this Samhain, this is the food we will be offering. The cakes which we will all bring are what we will share with our ancestors after the ceremony.

Sweet potato and butternut squash soup

Barron Bigod Cheese and Penny Bun bread

Various herbal teas and Grumpy Mule Coffee

You are welcome to bring a long a cake to share