Time in our Life – Samhain to Samhain – Who we are

Who we are

Kinda Education, which includes Kinda Forest School, promotes equality and kindness by deepening reconnection to nature, especially for communities that experience persistent and complex barriers to wellbeing and socialising. Through careful environmental stewardship, we work to balance the needs of people and wildlife. Kinda Forest School works out of Kaliwoods. Though our Weaving in the Woods 2020, we worked with the Pear Tree Fund for the first time, and we so enjoyed it, we are continuing to collaborate with them on this project.

The Pear Tree Fund
The Pear Tree centre is a warm and welcoming one-stop-shop which offers support, information, counselling and benefits advice to anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-changing illness. Kevin Vaughan, the Pear Tree Funds energetic Chief Executive, is particularly keen on the power of nature to restore and rebalance as well as inspire. Kevin Vaughan, the Chief Executive of the Pear Tree fund, is the main inspiration behind this project.

Philip Carr Gomm, lead our opening and closing ceremonies at Samhain 2021. Among his many avenues, from 1988 to 2020 he lead The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Lately he has been involved in the work of three institutes: the Sophrology Institute, the Institute of Psychosynthesis and the Synthesis Institute. You can look him up here – but even better come and see him in Kaliwoods.is coming up from Sussex to open our ceremony.

Sue Squire from Off The Twig Theatre, is a storyteller, writer, performer and facilitator who creates work that seeks to explore the light and shade of what it is to be human. They include Mortal Yarns, and Dying Matters.

Pete and Vicky sing and play music for us. Tess Wingate and and Pete, the ‘Wake’ duo.

Guy Peryer organises Compassionate conversations with us. He is a researcher in Health Sciences at the University of East Anglia and leads a research group for UEA Health and Social Care Partners studying methods to expand community involvement in palliative and end of life care.

Deidre Luff, End of Life Doula UK

Beverley Bulmer a Funeral Celebrant who facilitates bereavement groups and is the creator of Leaving Gracefully cards

Lucy Coote, Community Ambassador at Rosedale Funeral Home,

Mell Harrison, founder of Kinda Education, and inspiring Forest School facilitator.

Shona Sun, sunshine creator

Kally Davidson, creative goddess

Rachel Kellett, woodland wizard, director of Kinda Education, caretaker of the wood.