Compassionate Communities – Samhain to Samhain

October 31st 2021 – October 31st 2022

Dear Friends

Compassionate Communities – Samhain to Samhain – is a joint venture between The Pear Tree Fund and Kinda Education.

We are organising a year long, (once a month) project together, around memory, death and life and how to plan ahead. Sometimes in Kaliwood and sometimes at the Pear Tree.

We started at Samhain 2021 – here is the story of our Gathering. Thank you to all who came, and so contributed. Our special thanks to Phillip and Stephanie Carr Gomm who came up from Sussex to lead the ceremony. Here is Phillip’s reflection on the day in his regular ‘Tea with a Druid’ slot. Thank you to the Mens Shed for cutting our hearts and rounds, Holton Church for allowing us to park on their patch, Jo for directing people there, MJ and Julia for helping us get sorted, Sue for delicious cakes, Penny Bun for bread.

Our Compassionate Communities Solstice event information is here

Samhain October 31st event is here

Here is what we wove at our first event, October 2021.