Summer House

We – Goz and myself helped by Jill and her husband – dismantaled the old summer house from Jill’s garden in Beccles in the summer of 2021. Jill had gifted it to us. Justin transported it to the wood. Goz cleared the space, laying pavement slabs on sand and began the process of putting it back together, each Wednesday when he came with Kym to Kinda Forest School. Goz even got some funky paints given to him from his old employer, Coppers. The roof needed replacing as did much of the inside timber. A local person donated some insulation. Stage one almost complete.

Stage 2 was to shelve the inside with some old Focus Organic shelving loitering in my shed. Re-painted, and put up with the help of Theo.

Theo laid his first pavement base (very evenly) on the back of the summer house to house the kick wheel, given to us by Gabrielle.

Later the Elders made the bender archway to approach the pottery shed.