Theodore Bidmead – Facilitator/volunteer

Theo joined Kinda in the summer of 2021 with his pixie hat and early fire lighting, chess and tree climbing – we love him being with us.

‘My journey with Kinda started with a simple wood delivery – the magic was felt instantly in those trees. In 2020 my theatre work dried up I began to retrain in tree surgery, great I have outside work and an exciting new business starting but something was missing. The first visit I became an all day participant in the wonders of the woods and the magic of the children, and I started off as a volunteer. Throughout my life I have been keen on volunteering, whether it be youth clubs, community theatre, off grid projects around the world and here I found myself a family and sense of home in Kali woods.

I do antique furniture restoration, tree surgery, lighting design, set design/construction and am an artists model. I’m excited to be commencing my Forest School training. I’ve worked in circuses taught gymnastics, capoeira and yoga so am looking forward to helping people build confidence in their bodies and surroundings. Feel the magic we all have, give some time and let’s play in the woods! 
Theo Fire Pixie