Tuesday – Nurture Forest School January /February /March/April/May/June 2022

This group is held by Meg Mycellium, Shona Sun, Theo Fire Pixie and Mya Patchdove.

Our Tuesday Tribe sessions are full of nature’s wonders and inspiration. This aged 5 and up tribe immerse themselves in play, building projects, tool work, crafts, growing food, stories, magic and much more…whatever comes! Experienced facilitators hold and create space for everyone’s uniqueness and interests. Tuesday Tribe is the perfect safe and diverse space for children to begin their journey of Forest School, or for those wanting or needing more nurture, care and support from the adult tribe of magic makers. There is a deep sense of belonging in this smaller community where everyone is heard and seen. Like all of our sessions, the Tuesday Tribe is child-led, so no two days or two minutes are ever the same! 

If your child, or a child you support is looking for some time to explore who they are, the natural world around them, follow their dreams of projects and crafts through to reality in the inspiring and magic of the woods, and be with others, please get in touch.

Kinda Forest School have a high ratio of adults to children so that your child/ren get the very most out of their time with us. The Kinda adults are highly skilled facilitators who hold community and kindness central to their practice.

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