Week 15/4 Jan 2022 Pear Tree stories, fire and ears

September 2021 to March 2022 (Elders Woodland Weaving – Samhain to Equinox)

With COVID affecting some of us wood girls, the Pear Tree offered to host the Thursday gathering – what a blessing.

Naomi wrote up these words of the day:

Forest School, Thursday Jan 27th

Today we were COVID banned from the woods, but warmly embraced by the welcome at the Pear Tree centre. Kevin had prepared bare necessities for a fire, and Roy got it blazing in the court yard on a sunny blustery day.

Seva made a delicious warming soup accompanied by home made bread. Enthusiastic murmurs of yum yum around the group.

Kevin gave us a story of a king in search of a beautiful wife. We had to listen carefully and then fill in a form of questionnaire on what we had heard – True or False or Not enough information. Naomi was caught cheating (oh dear). Kevin is a great story teller with a good projected voice. I don’t remember who won the quiz such a lot of joshing going on.

It was time to move and we all appreciated the move back into the warm dining room for Chi King. In the midst of which Berti gave us a terrific energetic TWIST dance – that dates us! At the quiet time at the end of Chi Kung we gave time and thoughts for Holocaust remembrance Day. Kevin gave us a heartfelt talk.

This was followed by Pippa giving us a short workshop on the voice and sound vibration. How mysterious the way sound travels through the air. How difficult it is to sound proof a room. Thank you Pippa.

Kevin’s introduced us to a ’round’ singing. ‘Earth is my body, water is my blood, air is my breath, fire is my heart’. Although off to a rocky start we somehow managed to split into a 3 part group, the rhythm established by tapping a spoon on a jug that helped. Irene and Roy had a strong connection to this round. Much enjoyed and ended with a cry for more singing in the group.

Hooray tea time! We moved back into the sitting area, and comfort of arm chairs, tea and cake handed around by the volunteers. As the ear clinic had been held that afternoon the conversation turned to ear wax (please not when eating cake!) Because of NHS waiting lists, this simple procedure is done by private firms charging £80 a pop. Namoi, a great NETI POT fan, is determined to get this procedure as normal as cleaning ones teeth. She almost volunteered to demonstrate – watch this space!

Thank you Kevin and Seva and all volunteers at the Pear Tree Centre for a wonderful afternoon.

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