Week 13/2 January 2022 Stories His-story and Her-Story working life

September 2021 to March 2022 (Elders Woodland Weaving – Samhain to Equinox)

We began – after curried parsnip soup – by settling into the woods in silence, then gave to the circle examples of appreciation: grateful for the body, which for 74 years still keeps pumping the blood round; the body for bringing me here!; grateful for being alive; for being well; for the friendship of strangers and co-incidence of meeting someone who connected with my past; grateful for the vaccine that keeps me safe; grateful for the phone call over the dark christmas time, and for prepared meals (given by a daughter); grateful to be back here in the woods; eternally grateful for every moment of the day; grateful for mushrooms that are micro-proteins.

We also checked in about COVID and if anyone had any questions or observations: One gave us the image of when she had COVID, dinner with one family member inside and other outside, glass separating, eating christmas dinner; regret of loosing so much opportunity, feeling of lost a year, which at our age is precious; COVID has helped to wake up the world to help us see what is going on globally – they did not feel a waste but an unexpected gift; with COVID screaming to be allowed out! If I were the vaccine I’d mutate like crazy from killing (which was a dead end to my survival) to being more benign so I could effectively spread myself more successfully!

A wonderful expansive Chi Gong, under the hornbeams.

We exchanged stories of our working life with each other, once again inspired by objects relating to that life.

BARROW – ‘I was a barrow boy in Bermondsey, and pulled up my socks and got into LSE, where I became a teacher of economics and philosophy.’
OBJECT – I was trained as an actor, working under Trevor Nunn
OBJECT – Working with Special Needs children in Essex, and when they were taken out of school into the nature they were completely different people’
IRA – I worked in London during the 80’s when the IRA were active, but it wasn’t until I was walking home to Wandsworth one day with my road blocked, that I came face to face with it: they had found bomb making factory in my street.
FOOTBALL – I was a Chelsea youth footballer, then welder.
PENCIL – I was a tracer, and bookeeper, for the Council then Halesworth Cut
HAIR – My claim to fame was wining first prize as a hairdresser in a beauty competition, and did hair for people like Miss UK. Then I dealt in Antiques and ran an art gallery locally, and still do.
CROCHET HOCK – I’ve worked in creative crafts all life, a maker of things and live in Norwich
HEART WITH KEY – In Singapore when my husband was stationed in Borneo, I was unexpectedly given a key to a car, a mini, to dive. (something about London, Germany and welfare officer and first murder case)

Finally we returned for tea and scones to the fire circle and relayed our stories, and were amazed at all the rich life there existed among us.

Kally told us of a future project, Community Forest School, which will be starting in February. We are all invited.

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