Week 2 Weaving and Dyeing

September 2021 to March 2022 (Samhain to Equinox)

Week Two in the woods and we started with a communal tomato and basil soup around the fire.

In our opening circle we shared what our jobs used to be or what they are now. Such an eclectic mix! From graphic designer to Miller, Teacher to Welfare officer in the British Army, Hair dresser to Secretary, Priest to Singer, Actor to Book Keeper! So many roles and stories to be shared. 

We were led in Qi Gong through the 8 Brocades by Naomi

Gabrielle and Kally got us experimenting with natural dyes on the fire. Learners became instructors at the loom and there were many a conker game to be had!

When we shared what made us smile in our closing circle, there was a delightful response. You never really know what someone has experienced until you ask! Virginia shared she loved seeing Kally’s face when her Mum (Lynne from Spain) introduced herself as ‘Kally’s Mum’! John shared his favourite moment was seeing how much Shona loved the conker games.

The scones also brought smiles, along with a new loom, the sounds of the rooks gathering, the precious silence in the woods, the camaraderie, the ‘Mini Woodstock feel’, poking about with walnuts and hearing histories.

 We came to the woods as strangers and we have created a community!
Thank you to Lesley our wonderful volunteer and to Lynne for visiting us today. 

Next week we will be sieving and extracting the wool we dyed.

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