Week 22/11 March,

September 2021 to April 2022 (Elders Weaving in the Woods – Samhain to Equinox)

We landed in the spriging woods in our silence, either sitting or walking, woodpecker and long tailed tit evident. We missed Serena, Virgina and Kally and Roy and Irene and N…. Welcome to Julia.

We talked of equinox, the equal night to day on our planet as it rotates around the sun on this cycle. We talked of balance, how our lives were in and out of balance.
Paper work out of balance
Need to re-balance the body and take up yoga after 2 years
In balance, working out of doors, at Wakelyns and Clinks finding solutions, working.
Trying to balance what is happening with the greater outside world in Ukraine with my own life. Living for the moment.
Lost my balance in my garden and suffering the consequences.
Balance of where to live, and re-surfacing questions.

Martin told us of his experience of one day. The first part invigilating at a conventional school and seeing a child struggle to find the reason for questions he must answer. The second part of the day here at Tuesday’s forest school, seeing how children explored, cooked, worked with wood, played, and got so much learning and laughter out of the day.

Without N we searched deep in our mind and body memory and we recalled the different movements of Chi Gong. Shona took a photograph of us to send to N, and we thanked ourselves at the end, of each becoming a teacher. Our patchwork of memory was surprisingly impressive.

The benders and weavers came to the bender, and this became an historic day as we finished the main loop benders, all 8 of them. We began weaving the base of the bender to strengthen it.

Back at the fire base we mossed out an old veg hanging basket and planted Amorals spider plant babies. Gabrielle crochetted the squares woven by Pippa and others together. The friendship blanket begins to take form.

Two seeds of future events were sown this day in our closing circle. Let’s go to Strumshaw Tree fair, and so we could buy a hat like Shona’s. Gabrielle could drives us there is in a bus! We will inquire. Date for your diary 16/17 July. The other is a seed of a Pearly coat.

We balanced and admired the amazing balance of Theo, who balanced on his hands, as we long ago may have once been able to do. We were too in awe to think of taking a photograph.

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