Week 25/ weaving, puppets, hopes, and bending

September 2021 to April 2022 (Elders Weaving in the Woods – Samhain to Equinox)

A glorious spring day, with fresh east wind, blue skies and sap green hazel leaves opening all around us.

It is the time of year between equinox and solstice, the time of fruiting, of burgeoning. Rachel said at this time in her life she was noticing what she now would not do or be: not go to China or South America, and never be a concert pianist, not enough time left to practice. But she still had hopes and aspirations. And out from no where came: I’d like to improve my handwriting!

What are our hopes for the year? we asked each other:
Permeating every molecule of my being, we lost our dog Faith. Tomorrow I am going to see another dog, who may be called lucy-zoe /light & Love
My garden, watching an amazing Swedish gardener, I’m going to sew some cosmos.
Last year I made a couple of bird boxes, hoping they’d be used and they are, some sort of goldfinch
Hoping to finish my blanket, there is so much wool in the house I could not possibly finish it before I die!
A long hot summer and freedom to enjoy it.
Hopeful for planning permission for an annex at mum and dads.
A bird’s nest under the apex I saw, I’m not sure whether swifts or house martins… ah martins…. Love and a happy life for my house martins.
Tiny fledgling puffy pomm pomm bird calling, where were the parents? There were cats around so I hoped that the bird flew off and was safe.
I hope that Gabrielle gets better quickly.
Seedlings – I’ve made a room with an electric blanket in it, like a giant incubator!
Hope for me is, will the swifts come back to my roof, I also hope that all will be well.
I hope Rachel gets her funding and our raised beds get built so veg in.
Freedom resuming, I hope I can get married this year!
My granddaughter going through a tough time at the minute I hope she gets healing and to commune with nature.
Hope to grow some vegetables, strawberry’s and runner beans from Holton garden shop
(shall we have a seed exchange here?)
Peace and freedom to separated families
Health and happiness to this community and a far, radiating out.
Hope for all the poor people in the Ukraine that they will be ok. I hope to live a long time to see my grandchildren grow up healthy and strong … and I want to write a book!
Rosamund means ‘guardian of the horse’ or ‘rose of the world’

Bertie tried on his potential coat of many buttons, which fitted and looked magnificent – one of Theo’s many tailored coats. We vowed to bring in buttons and all sew one or two on to create our own kaliwood Pearly King – here’s some images to inspire you – to officially open up the Bender.

Chi Gong with N under the Hornbeams…

Kally fresh back from The Big Apple, returned with her loom which moved around the wood from the cabin to under the hornbeans.

Nikki resumed puppet making – very popular – using lichen and moss for hair and beard.

Rachel bent with Virginia and Roy, strengthening the arched benders by weaving into the base and arch tops.

All agreed to keep the same time from 11 to 2 but a request came to lengthen the day ! Indeed as quick a a flash it’s scones and jam time.

Serena bought in a posy of Calendula and forget me not. Calendula is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components, it is a healing plant, as we send our love out to Shona.


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