Week 26/ Reflections & laughter

September 2021 to April 2022 (Elders Weaving in the Woods – Samhain to Equinox)

Around our fire circle were 27 humans and 3 dogs. We welcomed back Shona and welcomed some new people to our community, some from as far away as Canada.

We knew we’d be ending our term soon, so began our preparation with a reflection (oh we had a plan!) what stood out in our in our memories of our year in the wood?

Bertie dancing, with his tail coat
Noticing the changing of seasons, like suddenly, the day after Christmas we met when all the trees were naked. Such appreciation of what we have here.
I know one of the reasons P & B stayed here in Suffolk is this.
The Cathedral Moment when Dean unfurled the poem
Bird song, black bird, then the theme to a Tarantino film on a mobile phone
Deans poem because it was made up of all the wisdom and observation from the group. The joy.
Triggers memories from childhood, when I’d pack a case kept under my bed, for a quick escape which was to the forrest to a hollow tree.
All that the trees give us, and making the Bender
How we’ve come here, rain and shine, wind and hail, getting closer and closer to the fire, and look at us now. We doubty people
Hearing the woodpecker and people laughing
Bertie and the jacket, warmth and love
Back in the place where I feel like i’m in my own skin
Circle time, to hear, get to know, the caring and feeling
The time we touched a tree, being invited to stop and do this.
Wood, smoke, kettle, trees
I’ve walked into a heart space
Meg and her music, how she taught us to sing, and we all danced.
Community, dancing, reminds me of my childhood
Pippa’s quilt.

What should we do with the tapestry we were weaving? Could it go on tour around Halesworth? Library, Pear Tree, Bookshop, Boarding house, Cut, Black Dog, Focus, St Mary’s, the Angel hotel.

We separated heaven from earth in Qi Gong, looking up to the green canopy, before we launched into the 8 pieces of Brochade.

Virginia secured the Bender with her copper wire

Gabrielle and Mary began the mammoth button sow on Bertie’s Jacket.

Men made puppets: Rachel had green hair, Theo was half made….

The Journal girls were back and caught up on weeks.

“Renewed hope for a way forward in community” one Elder said. We love Thursdays, the woods and building community together


Shona, Kally and Rachel are keen for you to get in touch with us.

Supported and sponsored by:

COVID-19 Engaged Communities Fund (Suffolk CC)