Week 4 Dyeing and drawing

September 2021 to March 2022 (Samhain to Equinox)

Week Four in the woods, dry, autumnal, we spoke about Samhain coming, remembering our ancestors including our ancestral pets. So we talked of Pets we had.
There was Simon the Poodle, Fraya, Tiddles the cat who lived for 20 years, Carlo the dog to scare off burglars, the Dalmation called 90 after his 90 spots, Merlin the cat who died 20 years ago and is still missed, Stick insects that appeared in odd places, Tom the run over twice cat, Tom the Bomb, Pickles and Bruno, pigmy goats, and Guliver the rescue dog. Not forgetting Mandy the embarrassing poodle.

Kali and Gabrielle swapped dye stories…

We were led in Qi Gong through the 8 Brocades by Naomi

Juliette, the sister of Simonne, who’d flown in especially from Paris, Europe, to instruct us in drawing in charcoal, invited us to a drawing a la carousel – the gong went and all change, we moved to another drawing to work on. The results were amazing.

In our closing circles, Shona spoke of this being the letting go season, the leaves falling returning to the earth. Next time we meet we will collect the things we have let go of, but one gave us an example: She had let go of all her high heal shoes giving them all to her daughter.

What had we to be thankful for? A chance to do charcoal drawing, a catch up with carding, The Pear Tree for being here, the art class, making new friends, heat pads on our hands, The Pear Tree for bringing us here, for being here in the wood now, for checking in with colleagues, for being still alive, for jam scones.

And Shona was thankful for her medieval hat.

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