Week 6 Earth and community

September 2021 to March 2022 (Samhain to Equinox)

Week 6 in the woods on a gentle golden autumn day, we gathered around the fire .

With our Elders today we remembered those who we love and have lost. Creative Kally made a poppy out of red t-shirts and a poppy head, we spoke of Wars and sat in silence with the trees and birds surrounding us. 🌹

We met the first of our elements – Earth – and explored clay. Some of us hadn’t played with it since school! Words associated with Earth. Earth works, worms, turning the earth, Mother Earth, Mud, Mountains, grounding, the earth moved me, baked with clay earth

While some added to our journal (and investigated Honey Fungus on the oak), others wove our naturally dyed yarns on the loom.

In Qi Gong we explored the five elements, Naomi taking us through, returning to mix in the mixing bowl. Fire, water, earth, wood, metal.

And we simply sat, shared stories of community. Community of Halesworth, or even Cheddiston Street; thinking of those medieval communities, the spiritual practice. Dance Camp. Growing vegetables together. Don’t share a washing machine (with your son). The importance of silence. Rachel described the 5 stages of life in an Indian system. Born and growing up, going out into the world, getting married and making a nest for children. The forth stage is preparing to go into the wood, and the fifth stag is going into the wood.

  1. Birth and childhood
  2. Brahmacharya – student/going out into the world
  3. Gruhastha – family
  4. Vanaprastha – retired person, preparing to go into the wood
  5. Sanyasi – monk – going into the wood

We drank tea with scones. One Elder said…”This is transformative therapy”.

Shona read us a poem.

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