Week 7 Air, breath and flight

September 2021 to March 2022 (Samhain to Equinox)

We gathered around the fire in silence – what can we hear? What can we feel? Can we feel our own air moving inside us?

Today we explored the element of air. We moved our bodies in flow with the 5 elements of Qi Gong. The silver birch danced in the wind as the hazel leaves flew to the ground. 

Some of us tie dyed with the natural dyes of onion skins and walnut to create woodland bunting that will fly in the winds for all to enjoy. 

There was a special story told around the fire of the history and creation of a family and friendship quilt. We laughed and cried and heard of how friendships are like casseroles. “One person is the potato, someone else the cheese, another is the onion…” This was a special moment – ‘The quilt has finally had it’s audience.’ 

Wood was cut for the fire whilst the journal was added to in the bathbomb. 

We ended with nose blowing and pranayama breathing techniques…followed by scone and tea from the eclectic selection of Shona’s dried herbs!
After breathing our own breath, we felt “whole, calm, alive, comfortable, new, very moved, grounded, stronger, refreshed, lighter and vibrant!”

If we had wings where would we fly to?

Where would you go if you could fly anywhere?
To visit someone? To a real or imaginary place? we asked

I would go see my brother in Hong Kong I haven’t seen for 2 years with this whole pandemic
A wish rather than impossible, I would go to the Orkney islands, where my fore bearers ran a whiskey distillery, the building there is now a B&B.
To see a very dear friend who lives in New Zealand who watches all our forest meetings, says why can’t I ever find you online!
I don’t know…. There hasn’t been anywhere I’ve wanted to go to for a very long time.
A long time since I’ve talked about going anywhere, not just because of lockdown… the places I’ve been before are all wonderful places but as circumstances have changed it wouldn’t be the same. If I ever won the lottery I’d take flying lessons, I’d love to fly a little plane – it was lovely to hear one flying over… freedom… I once heard a recording of what it sounded like.
Can’t think of anywhere I want to fly to, I’m happy here
I’d like to fly and see my dad, in a place called St Catherine’s, Ontario, near Niagara Falls
I’d Fly to south Africa, so beautiful there, lots of problems but Africans like to take people on tours it’s so beautiful I’d love to go again.
I’d like to take Irene to North Carolina to see her sister again… there’s two sorts of flying… flying in a plane ….being a bird and seeing tops of trees.
Madagascar to see the baobab trees, they’re sometimes called upside down trees, all wonderful different shapes, sizes and forms, one like a giant teapot, I’d love to hug them, though some are so wide.
I would like to be a bird and just fly and fly and fly. If I had to land it would be just north of Scotland, because it looks so wild and crazy and I just love it.
Tuscany, a place I know, rural, off grid, farmhouse…. phenomenal, on pilgrimage St Francis Assisi …. To fly through landscape, canyon mountain ranges, water, everything the wonderful world has to offer.
I don’t like heights but I’d like to see my cousin in Australia
I have a daughter in Papa New Guinea, I can’t swim very well but I’d like to see her.
We’ll all get on a jet plane next Thursday afternoon and go to the villa in Tuscany.

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