Week 9 Fire

September 2021 to March 2022 (Samhain to Equinox)

A dusting of snow, grey sky, and finally wet rain arrived: who would come today? The hardy will come, we said, and the hard core came…

We made two fires, one in the cabin and one under our parachute, and here, in our circle – which had crept closer the fire than normal – we talked about what fired us up inside, what were our passions? And Shona invited us to find a forest school name. Sometimes the two were linked

Shona started, with her passion for growing food, planting seeds and seeing the miracle of growth, nurturing the fruit, and sharing the food.
Bertie, without hesitation, said Pippa is his passion, along with studying.
Emma Bumble Bee – who was visiting us today – said r u n n i n g , and get out in the fresh air.
Naomi said we all knew what her passion was, she shares it with us every week. Moving her hands she indicated her Earth Centre, her Fire Centre, the centre of passion and emotion. It has to be pure and cleansed. The Heart Centre.
Friends, at the moment, mean more to me than anything. Oh and Bushcraft, especially in Dunwich forest. Later Martin remembered he was a sourdough breadmaker – another passion.
Virginia had been a metal worker all her life – her father was a gold prospector, so she learned early in her life to pan for gold, and for 50 years she’s been decorating women’s necks. Virginia Jewel is perhaps her forest school name.
Gabrielle – well you all know what my passion is, she said, and how happy she was the onion skins gave such diverse colour.
Pippa, light and water. Once she gets on to the beach she becomes a lunatic. Any kind of light, or water, rivers, lakes or sea.
Kally is passionate about making things, in fact when she was a bit low she did some fabric weaving and felt better for it. She also loves dancing.
For Serena it’s the beach, ‘it makes me feel like a pony again’ So Serena became Serena Pony
Someone said textiles, being in the woods, seeing sun through trees, life.
Rachel said she remembered the feeling of falling in love (way back in India days) and being unable to do anything normal like read a book – the only thing she could read was a train time table.

The most glorious Chi Gong, on the golden floor of fallen hornbeam leaves, separating heaven and earth looking up through the glorious oaks to pure blue sky, warming our bodies.

An almost successful bit of magic, using a 9V battery and wire wool to start a spark to light the down of bullrush (Typha angustifolia, also known as bullrush or reedmace) in a nest of hay. But the hay was damp and perhaps the wire wool not fine enough, or perhaps the person doing it not experienced enough, or perhaps the congregation gathered to witness did not pray hard enough. It smoked but never caught.

Back at the main fire, Shona and Kally were making candles with far greater success using left over old candles melted down mixed with essential oils like frankincense, in glass jars.

Over tea and scones – thank you Jane – we formed our circle again, and said who we would like to send our love out to.

Rachel said she’d like to send it out to Bryan, the man she fell in love with all those years ago in India.
Linda said to her family and Gods beautiful world.
My parents, Havelock and Rene Claire
Serena Pony said her Pony ‘because he showed me freedom, and that there was nothing to be afraid of’
A brother called Simon, who had recently lost his wife.
That far, said Bertie, my love goes that far (as he stretched out his arm towards Pippa).
Sending love to all the children I’ve been privileged to teach. I gained far more from them, and I hope they still have their passions.
Kally sent her love out to her mum, who’d loved being here, when she once came.
Naomi sent her love out to the refugees, to save them from the cold of the North Sea, she would send them fire to keep them warm.
Emma Bumble Bee sent her love to all of us around the fire – wow
Gabrielle sent her love out to the parliament of covids that gather in the sky around her home every dusk – thousands of them.
Shona sent light and love to all the people who feel alone in the world, particularly at this social time of year.
And Linda sent her love to all the people who felt outside, who didn’t fit in.

Finally we spoke of how sending out our loving kindness can make a difference. It can be felt.

We packed away in the nick of time, as night falls quickly now (thank you Bertie for help with the chairs) then took a snap of us as Russian Spies.
Stimulated by Kally Ann Davidson we practiced our names in reverse which gave us a Russian identity. Introducing Ttellek Lehcar, Nosdivad Yllak, Irahdnus Anohs. In the last fire in the cabin we spoke about the day, which made us feel warm inside and out.

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