Elders Weaving in the Woods

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September 2021 to March 2022 (Elders Wood Weaving – Samhain to Equinox)

After the success of our first Intergenerational project in the woods, we are ready to welcome Elders back again! We will create a natural tapestry in the woods physically and metaphorically, through the sharing of our stories, moving through Tai Chi and celebrating life together.

(Our previous project is here and the report is here and the woven tapestry we completed in the 8 week is exhibited https://peartreefund.org/ at the Pear Tree Fund in Halesworth, along with our book of dreams.

Thank you Community Fund for giving us this opportunity. And we’re working with The Pear Tree Fund and Halesworth Volunteer Centre.

About the project here

Directions to Kaliwoods is here

Weaving Week 1 – Exploring the woods, loom and us. Where did we come from? Chi Gong under the Hornbeam.

Weaving Week 2 – Dyeing – over the fire cooking natures gifts into a dye to colour or weft.

Weaving Week 3 – Dyeing and conkers

Weaving Week 4 Dyeing and drawing – when Juliette from Paris (Europe) visited


Weaving Week 5 Leaf letting go – with journal, letting go and weaving, and talk of time.

Week 6 – Earth element Clay and community –

Week 7 – Air element – dyeing bunting and flying off

Week 8 – Water element – “Water? Never touch the stuff. Fish fornicate in water!!”

Week 9 – Fire element – much needed on such a cold snow flurry day, when the hardy came, and we spoke of passions

Week 10 – Wood material – trees and things made out of them, wood carving

Week 11 – Solstice – story around the fire, reflection on the year.

Week 12/1 Stories of objects – January 2022

Week 13/2 Stories – His/HerStory – January 2022

Week 14/3 Stories – Tree Stories – January 2022 Trees Paul visiting, by hock or by crock

Week 15/4 Pear Tree stories, songs and ears – January invited to the Pear Tree

Week 16/5 Hazel story and coppicing – with Paul Trees

Week 17/6 Words in the Cathedral – Dean returned

Week 18/ 7 out of the wind in the Pear Tree with words from the Patrick Stead story

Week 19/8 Pear tree and Moss – back inside, safe thinking Ukraine and Moss

Week 20/9 Bending hazel – back in the woods, we wove on hand made square looms, and bent hazel

Week 21/10 Gratitude, Elements Chi Gong, bending

Week 22/11 Balancing, remembering Chi Gong, Bender bent

Week 23/12 Music with Meg, dancing like otters

Week 24/13 Puppets, Brimstone and Benders – Alan Miller visiting, and Nikki inspiring puppets

Week 25 Puppets Waving Bending – weaving, puppets, hopes and bending

Week 26 Reflections and laughter – preparing for our end of term

Week 27, Reflections, final weaving, plans

Week 28 – its a wrap! Puppets, bender opening, Simonne, dancing to brown eyed girl.

The Weaving in the Woods Team, Shona, Kally and Rachel.

Testaments from elders and volunteers for our year long project

Elders weaving in the woods Centre
About the Weaving Project
KE Consent Form
KE Information for Elders
First Weaving project 2020


Sept 30 – Introductions
Oct 7 – Weaving and Dyeing
Oct 14 – Dyeing and conkers
Oct 21 – Dyeing and drawing
Oct 31 Samhain Sunday
Nov 4 Leaf letting go
Nov 11 EARTH
Nov 18 AIR
Nov 25 WATER
Dec 2 FIRE
Dec 9 WOOD (crafting
Dec 16 (Solstice)

Jan 6 – Stories – Objects
Jan 13 – Stories – His/HerStory
Jan 20 – Stories – WoodStory
Jan 27 Stories – More Tree Stores
Feb 3 Stories – Pear Tree gathering
Feb 10 Stories – Words with Dean
Feb 17 Stories – Wind and Patrick Stead
Feb 24 Stories – Moss at Pear Tree
Mar 7 EQUINOX balance
March 14 Music and play
March 21 Bending
March 28 Music with Meg
April 14 Puppets Brimstone
April 21 Puppets and Bending
April 28 BELTANE
May 5
May 12


Shona, Kally and Rachel are keen for you to get in touch with us.

Supported and sponsored by:

Community Partnership

COVID-19 Engaged Communites Fund (Suffolk CC)