KFS Handbook 2021 for parents, staff, volunteers and visitors, is available here to download in PDF form. A hard copy is available on request. This gives an over view of our philosophy, structure and a summary of our policies.

Admissions Pack

Admissions Procedure – KE ADMISSIONS –  describes the process of applying to join Kinda Forest School. (August 2020)

Kinda Forest School Application form KE APPLICATION FORM is the form you need to fill out to join us. We can help you with this. (August 2020)

Kinda Forest School Consent Form – KE CONSENT FORM  – is the form you need to fill in to give consent that you have read our Safeguarding Procedure, Handbook, and give your consent for personal care, photographing etc.

ke-admissions-process-2022 v1(1) – this form gives you some background which you should read.

Our Policies and Procedures

Below here are links to all our forms in WORD and PDF format.