2020, Chariot, KindaBikeProject

Kinda Bike Project

KFS Bike Mend David

It started with the Trike, the Trike that became the International Space Wagon (Solar Powered) Space Disco. This is Lewin the project leader from the outset, spring 2018.

KFS Lewin BikeKFS Bike Mend David-2

Dave lending a vital bike hand, adapting one of the links in the bike chain.

KFS Wed CyclesKFS Lewin Bike-2

The Saturn Ring project

Here’s Lewin describing the sum total of our loot of donated bicycles, those we can repair and those we can use for parts, bicycle rims for Rings of Saturn.


KFS BikesKFS Bikes-2KFS Wed Cycles-4

Virginia seeing the new home for her many (6?) bikes that she donated to us, found in the back of her barn, bought to the light of day. KFS Wed Cycles-3KFS Wed Cycles-2KFS Bike ProjectKFS Bikes-5KFS Bike Project-2KFS Bikes-4KFS Bike Project-7KFS Bikes-3KFS Bike Project-6KFS Bike Project-5KFS Bike Project-4KFS Bike Project-3KFS Wed bicycle Lewin

KFS BIke wheels Diss

Thank you Tzaddi Zards, who took off these wheels and gave them to us. (just outside Diss)

KFS BIke wheels Diss-2KFS Bike Project-9KFS Bike Project-8

Dave a volunteer came and helped Lewin unconstruct the bikes we were recycling.(January 2020)

KFS Wednesday Dave LewinSaturn2

Latitude 2019 Summer

With funding from Norfolk Community Foundation and Ireland, we converted the now working International Space Wagon, adhering solar panels to its wagon roof and with the technical help of Chris (Rocket Man), we went to Lattitude July 2019.


Summer 2020

Sam arrived. Sam’s been working on bikes all his working life. Fresh from University of East Anglia he went to work for Dr Bike in Norwich. Most recently he’s been running an amazing recycling project in Morocco, upcycling abandoned Dutch bikes in Marakesh. Stranded here since Lockdown, we enjoyed his expertise for a day working with Lewin. Sam was impressed with Lewin’s bike knowledge: ‘He understands the raw principles of bike mechanics and that’s as much hand as brain. His hands know how to investigate mechanical things. ‘

Here’s a short movie of the day

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