Welcome to 2022

Welcome back to the lengthening of our days in the woods.

We have a our regular, Tuesday and Wednesday schedule for Kinda Forest School. We offer Alternative Provision for any child who needs this particular journey.

Community Forest School continues to December 2022

SEND Forest School for over 16s started in May.

Elders Wellbeing in the Woods – starts in September! We cannot wait. More information and dates here. Here’s our last day earlier this year – it’s a wrap!

We’re continuing with our Compassionate Communities Time of our Life working with the Pear Tree once a month.

Wood sisters meets once a month.

We will keep up with our COVID-19 Risk Assessment and continue to have in place all elements of support for you and your family.

Any questions or exchanges, please contact us.

Tuesday – Nurture Tribe

The Tuesday Tribe is for our over 5s building a sense of belonging for all by creating a space where everyone is heard and seen.
Prices and Booking on BOOKWHEN

Wednesday Tribe

The Wednesday Tribe is for our over 7s.
Music, play, games, dens, tools, crafting – all child led.
Prices and Booking on BOOKWHEN

Elders Weaving in the Woods

Our community of Elders are warmly welcomed to Kaliwoods to join us for weaving, sharing stories, creating and making with the elements of fire, water, earth and wind.

Alternative Provision

Forest School for children who are facing challenges, to find a space where they can think, relax, build, create and lead themselves in a supported and safe space.

Community Forest School

March – December 2022
‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’.

Wood Sisters Forest School

For women 14-114. Time for you within nature ❤️ A place to learn new stuff, build community, be in nature, cackle together and to simply be yourself.
Details on Facebook

Send Forest School over 16s

Our Monday Forest School is for young people (16+) and adults who have disabilities, learning difficulties and/or special educational needs. Is a small group where within nature we explore, create, learn conservation skills, cook food and share time together in the woods. 

Holiday Club

There is climbing, making, creating, cooking, firelighting, bushcraft skills, singing, dancing, wherever the mood takes us!

There is the option to both drop off early and pick up late, but these extra hours are charged at £10 per hour. Please carefully select the correct tickets that you require.
Age range: Between ages 6 and 14

Another of the creative Kally’s contributions to KFS, our CIRCLE EQUAL wood.


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Summer activities – cool in the woods with storms. August 2022

Community Forest School on August 13th

Our News from January to June 2022 – we’re growing, like the trees. Read all about it.