Welcome to 2023

Welcome back to the lengthening of our days in the woods.

We have Monday and Tuesday Nurture and Alternative Provision for any child who needs this particular journey along with our regular Wednesday Forest School for home educated and flexi-school children.

Community Forest School continues in January.

Woodsisters – now a year old – continues once a month for women aged between 14-114. Booking and information here on Facebook

Elders Wellbeing in the Woods – We’ll take a two month rest while the sap sinks back into the earth and start again on March 16th. Meanwhile we can work the wood and coppice. So we’ll be having Friends of Kaliwood, when all are invited on Thursdays to share a warm chai (the cabin is to be a designated warm room during January and February).

Our Compassionate Communities Time of our Life year long project with the Pear Tree, Samhain to Samhain came to an end, but we will continue these conversations, that have been so rich and fruitful.

We will keep up with our COVID-19 Risk Assessment and continue to have in place all elements of support for you and your family.

Any questions or exchanges, please contact us.

Monday and Tuesday – Nurture Tribe

Tuesdays is Alternative Provision that we offer to children being referred from school. Monday is a smaller group of 6-8 children and Tuesday is a group of 8-10.

Wednesday Tribe

The Wednesday Tribe is for our over 7s.
Music, play, games, dens, tools, crafting – all child led.

Elders Wellbeing in the Woods 2023

If you’d like to join us from March 16th you are welcome. We meet every Thursday from 12noon for light lunch cooked over the fire, to work or play from 1 to 3 pm.

Community Forest School

January to May 2023
‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’.

Wood Sisters Forest School

For women 14-114. Time for you within nature ❤️ A place to learn new stuff, build community, be in nature, cackle together and to simply be yourself.
Details on Facebook

Friends of Kaliwood

Friends of Kaliwood is a new project for January February March, inviting all who would like to come and work in the woods.

Another of the creative Kally’s contributions to KFS, our CIRCLE EQUAL wood.


Forest School Association welcome Kinda – “”Every single one of us from our 1-year-olds to our 90-plus year olds at Kinda Forest School are so excited that we can wave the FSA Provider flag high!” said Mell

Samhain to Samhain – our last gathering in this year long project

Bikes arrived!

Funeral for Fire Pixie – part of Time in our Life – the movie. August 2022:

Summer activities – cool in the woods with storms. August 2022

Community Forest School on August 13th

Our News from January to June 2022 – we’re growing, like the trees. Read all about it.