What is Kinda Forest School?

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Here is what what one family member said (March 2020)

What an amazing place. My 6 year old wasn’t coping with the pressures of full time mainstream school and her life has been turned around by her Wednesdays at kinda forest school. A day to reset, be herself, explore, learn, play and just be 6!The staff are amazing, really supportive and nuture each child to bring out the best in them. From being amazingly attentive when she felt poorly to building self esteem and equipping her with skills she will never learn in the classroom. And one night a week she actually falls asleep at a reasonable time with lower levels of anxiety, rosy cheeks and lungs full of fresh air!

“My boys have loved their time in the woods with you all and I have loved bringing them. Kinda is such an inspiration to me, and although their journey with you all is shorter than I had originally planned we will be back as much as we can and will take all of the experience and memories with us on our journey.” August 2021

“… And now, having researched the positive mental health benefits of drumming I bought X a Cajon for his birthday which he has delightedly danced into the woods with at Kinda Schools Wednesday Tribe and has connected with Blake who has shared his immense skill with him. I cannot tell you how much this has nurtured him. I can see my boy changing in front of me. The feeling of safety and calm, whispering leaves, crackle of fire and kind eyes are part of what is healing him.” August 2021

Kinda Education and the 8 Directions / spokes in the wheel

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Kinda Forest School is part of Kinda Education CIC (Reg No 11626237) which promotes equality and kindness by deepening reconnection to nature, especially for communities that experience persistent and complex barriers to well-being and socialising. Through careful environmental stewardship, we work to balance the needs of people and wildlife; enabling communities to increase access to nature and to each other; delivering cross-generational programmes that can assist people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to rekindle a sense of belonging and cooperation.

KE’s strategic plan has eight over-arching delivery areas – spokes in our wheel. Each of the delivery areas represents a step on the path towards realising the vision. It is possible to link each of the eight delivery areas to a specific value and cardinal point.

Kinda Land: The foundation for KE’s work is the management of outdoor spaces to balance the needs of people and wildlife. Environmental stewardship (North East)

Kinda Forest School: The on-going development of Kinda Forest School at Kaliwood and the development of education programmes on a second site, yet to be determined, remain a priority for Kinda education. Child-led facilitation (East)

Kinda School: KE’s long-term vision is a Kinda School offering an alternative curriculum for children of all abilities up to 16, combining Forest School and indoor learning programmes. Social and emotional learning (South East)

Kinda Training: KE is committed to expanding the education sector by delivering professional training in Forest School and outdoor learning for continuous professional development. Quality and sustainability (South)

Kinda Community: KE’s vision of education and personal development grounded in kindness will only thrive if it is rooted in the community. KE’s well-being programmes will encourage positive

Kinda Intergenerational: There is so much for elders to learn from children and for children to learn from elders. KE’s vision for education has intergenerational learning at its heart. Synergy (West)

Kinda Elders: Elders too enjoy the benefits of learning through Forest School principles. Inclusion and social equality (North West)

Kinda Opportunity: KE is open to the unknown and the unforeseeable. This element of the plan focuses on opportunism. Kindness (North)



Kinda Forest School – what we’re about

Kinda Forest School is supported by the Missing Kind whose mission is to support dedicated individuals, empowering them to make a difference to the world and to inspire kindness without boundary.

Kinda Forest School is a Forest School centred around the principles of kindness and permaculture within the forest school context to provide children with an holistic experience of education. Here are the six principles of Forest school to which we adhere.

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Learning to build community
Working with and within nature, we use tools and space in nature to connect to and express the childs natural abilities facilitating a sense of belonging. With child led learning, the children will develop social, emotional and physical skills.

Kinda Forest School gently supports children and young people to create, in their own time, strong, fair and equal communities. It does this by bringing kindness, cooperation and democracy central to the teaching sessions. Using consensus decision-making would be an example of this. We are facilitating the space for a sense of belonging and family.

Using permaculture principles, imitating a natural ecosystem, we work with the children and young people to build a productive and sustainable woodland, inspired by the web of beneficial interactions that exist between plants and other animals. We will work with the seasons to observe and manage the woodland sustainably.

Using traditional forest school child-led activities – typically building, whittling, crafting, story-telling, singing, climbing and cooking on the fire – we will nurture confidence and emotional resiliance. This could include, for example, designing a method to capture water, building a beehive or planting a forest garden.

Kaliwoods is a 5 acre Oak nuttery – a wood of planted oak and hazel, with old Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Ash, Elder and Holly. Within Kali Woods is a beautiful wooden cabin, built out of the oak wood from Kaliwood heated by a woodburning stove for winter cosiness and lit with a solar panel on the roof. Near by is and an oak clad compost toilet. Over time children and young people can share the care and sustainable management of this special place with their families. Kaliwoods is a place for reconnection and reflection. It is both remote and within practical reach of the nearest town, Halesworth.

Kinda Forest School is led by its directors and facilitators and volunteers backgrounds are here

KFS Memorandum and Articles of Association

We are a CIC registered number 1626237

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