Nature First – Planting the land

Green Print Forum gave us £1,600 for Nature First, a project to begin planting up the 17 acres of land working with children and elders and experts and locals

October 2022
It was a mast year, a gift for us, for the ground under oaks was carpeted in thousands of acorns.
We collected acorns from oak trees near by, from Staverton Thicks, from Sotterly. We examined them, cut them open.

November 2022
We soaked the acorns in water for a week, and when sprouting we planted them in trays, jay beak depth.

January 2023 – planting first hedge

First hedge planting, along the western side. We had a great team.

February – more hedge planting along the eastern side, with the help of Sam unexpectedly.

March – 1,000 whips arrive. Thanks to Suffolk Tree Wardens, an unexpected gift of over 1,000 whips arrived to make a new hedge on the land. From the Woodland Trust, they were going spare: it was far too late to plant with our climate, and their bare roots were already dry.