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2018 Archeology and Evidence

It started with looking at the stuff  found out of the pond 3 years back which were on the old electrical cable table also dug out of the ponds when dregged: Old boots, an old frying pan probably used by the Americans (it was big!) when they were stationed here during the war), and some rusting petrol canisters.

Then, one day at Forest School,  through scraping the surface of the soil near by, Levin and others began to find some more metal stuff, and a few plastic bags of take away chickens. We think the bags may have contained the take away food of the people who came into this wood and used it as a target range which was known to have happened in the woods in the recent past, like 7 to 10 years ago.

Inspired by this we started our archeology table, made of old oak planks.

A few weeks later an adventure to the old dump of Holton, across the road in Holton Hall Park, was rich in offerings, which we collected and bought back to add to our local collection. It included two iron dogs, to make a fresh table with.


KFS found in the woodKFS January HomeEd

Our first finds and our first archeology table

KFS Archeology tableKFS Archeology table-2KFS Archeology table-3KFS Archeology table-6KFS Archeology table-5KFS Archeology table-4

After our visit to the local dump some of our finds including glass bottles, some melted by a heat.

KFS Jan 30 Dump-5KFS Jan 30 Dump-6

KFS Jan 30 Dump-8

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