Friends of Kaliwoods

Chopped wood.

Friends of Kaliwood is a new project for January February, inviting all who would like to come and work in the woods. It’s the time the sap has dived into the earth and begins to turn. It’s the time for coppicing hazel, the time of bending or hurdling, time to chop and burn wood and time for planting young saplings.

The cabin will be a warm room, with hot chai, tea and coffee – thanks to modest funding from East Suffolk Council.

Bring your own lunch, and welcome to share. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Tasks will be set each week, which includes one or more sitting in the cabin keeping the fire and conversation a lite and warm.

Address : Kaliwood, Beccles Road, Holton, IP19 8NQ.

Contact Rachel if you wish to join on any Thursday.

10.30 to 2.00 every Thursday

The plan for 2023

Jan 19 Hedge planting

Jan 26 Hedge planting

Feb 2 Coppicing


Feb 16 Coppicing/hedge laying

Feb 23 Coppicing

March 2 Coppicing

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