Elders Wellbeing 5: Oct 13 – more spurtles

A glorious autumn day, we gathered in the wood, and talked of the stories of clothing in anticipation of cold arriving, and the importance of layers. Rachel gave a demonstration of the stories behind her boots (Zachopanie, £130 10 years ago), double layered socks, Revolution Race trousers, and under them, with the memory of ballet days, black leggings etc. Here are a few shared items of clothing and their meaning: Gecko shoes (not made of Gecko), a jumper knitted by myself, a 10 year old leather jacket; M&S hat 1884! Steam Rally coat for £1, a coat from son John, North Wales body warmer, Everything from £5 shop jacket, zip treated with WD40, 2 month old boats, a Hara warmer made of wool protecting the kidneys, very filthy jacket belonged to my aunt 20 years ago, a jacket made from tweed pieces, stripy socks hidden but reminding me to giggle, green socks stolen from a theatre in Germany.

Chi Gong was stunning on a floor carpeted with golden leaves, working the lungs.

It was a race to the spurtle stands, to continue working with draw knives to form this utility for scottish porridge. Plans afoot to make a shakes head for the top.

Some began to make Lesley’s amazing weaving, and many want to embrace this next week.

Gabrielle returned, and bought with her a saucepan of walnuts nicely darkened, along with an amazing chess set she was knitting.

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