2018, News

Preparation – bunting, sinks, sweet chestnut and seating

The bunting Queen, Mischa, knitted and wove and cut and punched the bunting in the warm cabin.

A found sink (useful) rose from the earth,  Eloise and Paul working together to Eloise’s design, which included a curved back.
‘I’ve got just the wood for that curve – two pieces of sweet chestnut I’ve been wondering where they would fit.’ said Paul and he went and got the.

KFS Sink Sweet Chestnut-3KFS Sink Sweet ChestnutKFS Sink Sweet Chestnut-2

‘What is that internal root called Paul? I asked.
‘That is an Opportun/Advantageous root. Typically they grow on fast growing trees, when the centre starts to hollow, and the sap is moist providing nourishment for the Opportune root, which grows inside the tree and can eventually grow all the way down to the earth.’
The old tree is a hollowed out Sallow Willow.

KFS Willow

Meanwhile, Paul cut up the felled Ash into seats for us all to sit around the fire on. The Ash had unusual internal sporting.


Children played, Brony grew

KFS BryonyKFS boys

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