2021, News

March 15/16/17 – Mud, Meerkats, Magic, chess and chippings

Monday toddlers and family tribe
A few more yummy snaps from today’s Family Session. 🌳🌱 We rescued meerkats and pandas, invited the frog for tea at the coffee shop, planted pumpkin seeds, met the worms of our wormery, hung about in the yoga sling and shared the sunshine with friends


Tuesday Tribe March mud magic!!Next week will be celebrating reaching the Spring Equinox!

Wednesday Tribe
Delayed by high winds last week, this was a wonderful return to Kinda forest school for the Wednesday tribe. Wood chipping, wood chopping, wood sculpting soup cooking, fire crafting, tarp cosying, spring spotting, nature connecting, community building, and playing playing playing! ❤️

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