2019, News

KFS Wednesday Dec – MUD

More glorious mud, foot baths, sock soaks, lots of welcome visitors,  a trail of lemon smells, bike paths, more secure tree house.

KFS Wednesday

A delightful collection of visitors today – Megan, Leon and Shaun joined us today, as well as Michael from Poland.

It was Maya’s 15th birthday, and Mell made a delicious chocolate cake in the Dutch oven, (that was not burnt)

A temptation of smells, Lemon Geranium, Lemon Grass, led us around our wood

Tris got his tree house more secure.

Bo and Rachel learned the relationship maze of Gods (brothers wives, sisters, fathers) from Leon.

Gabrielle swore he was not tired.

Cain and Tris got seriously muddy.

Luis cut wood and made our fire hot for Kyms delicious curry dal.

Gina confessed to watching old Dr Who episodes.

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